‘Het Zaanse Bakkertje’ / Vegan Bakery.

I’m a real sweet tooth, I love cookies, cake, chocolate and you name it. Can’t help myself haha. When I start eating, I need to stop myself before I eat it till it’s gone! But since I found out about my lactose intolerance, it’s a bit difficult to find all of these things without any lactose. Most of the cookies and cakes are made with butter of course, breaks my heart a little haha.


But! I went to VeggieWorld (a vegan food fair) and I came across the stand of ‘het zaanse bakkertje’. And it was a big one! I saw croissants, cookies, bread rolls, little cakes and even pizza. You understand I went crazy haha. No, just kidding of course. But I definitely didn’t know what to get.

Nut Cake

Het Zaanse Bakkertje

First I will tell you something about the bakery. 21 years ago they opened the bakery. And they were so popular, that within no time they had to move to a bigger building. They work with traditional recipes, but also listen to the needs of the customer. So since last year they also have vegan products. They started with 3 and now have 60 vegan products! Wow! On Friday and Saturday they’ve all the products in store, but you’ve to be quick. ‘Cause everyone wants them and they run out quick, but you can always order on their website; veganbakery.nl.


I couldn’t take it all home of course, so I got 2 spelt croissants, 1 little cake with nuts (notentaartje) and 1 almond paste cookie (gevulde koek).

Sorry the spelt croissants didn’t even made the photo’s haha. I was so craving for croissants I ate them right away. And they were delicious. A little bit dryer than a normal croissant, but maybe that was because of the spelt. But they were flakey, as a croissant needs to be!

The little cake with nuts was delicious as well, it is a little round cake filled with almond paste and topped of with various nuts. And lots of sugar! It was a bit sweet, but didn’t taste any different than a ‘normal notentaartje’.

And now about the ‘gevulde koek’; OMG this was DE-LI-CIOUS! It was just like a normal ‘gevulde koek’. Maybe I’m so enthusiastic about this one, because I always liked these cookies. And of course it was such a long time ago I ate one, but even my boyfriend said it was one of the best ‘gevulde koeken’ he ever ate!

Almond Paste Cookie

So please, please go and get this. You’re gonna be happy you did!


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