The Magioni pizza party

Sweet Milou from @healthinut asked me to come with her to the Pizza Party from Magioni; the blogger event to reveal the new pizza flavor. And the day was awesome!

Pizza Party

The pizza party is at the ‘Westergas’ grounds in Amsterdam. When we enter the room, there’s a super long table with a big gift box on every spot. AAHH EXCITING! We start with a welcome drink and can chat to all the bloggers. For me it’s my first ever event; I recognize a lot of people by face and contact via Instagram, but I’ve never met anyone! So really nice to finally see them!

Pizza Squad

After a short speech by Manon (owner Magioni) we can finally sit at the table and open that huge gift box. What’s in it?! A really awesome customized jeans jacket, with cool patches. And on the back in big letters; PIZZA. And there’s a little card which says we’re now part of the Pizza Squad.


Finally it’s time to reveal the new flavor! Everyone gets a plate in front of her/him with a cloche on it. There’s a big TV screen next to the table, counting down from 10. At the count of 1, everyone may lift his or her cloche. And the new flavor of Magioni is……Zucchini! Magioni launches a ready-to-eat version of the pizza base as well; the Sportciale. It’s a pizza with curry sauce, vadouvan spices, chicken, zucchini and some Parmesan cheese. This is the one we’re eating for lunch; they make sure everyone is able to eat it. So they have a vegetarian and vegan variation. DE-LI-CIOUS!

Say Cheese

When we all finished our pizza, we’re heading outside. Everyone wearing their jeans jacket, it’s time to make a picture as the Pizza Squad. Of course we can also shoot some pictures for ourselves. After this, it’s time to go home. But not without a goodie bag, with of course the new zucchini pizza base in it.


Of course I made a delicious (if I say so myself haha) recipe with the new pizza base. Perfect for uhm.. every day of the week haha. Here it is! Healthy Vegan Falafel Pizza

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