Life update after surgery 1; Stitches

Hey, I’m back baby. It has been a while since I posted a blog, I’m sorry! I did have enough time, but didn’t feel very well. So I took my time, but I think I now have had my rest. And I’m gonna start again with posting more regularly. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here is my blog about why I needed my first surgery.

I will start from the beginning. I was nervous AF on the day of the surgery. Luckily it went pretty quick, when I was escorted to my room. They checked my information, told me to get undressed and put on that beautiful blue robe with no back! Within 5 minutes I was picked up to go to the room before surgery. There they checked my heart rate, blood pressure and before they could put in a drip I was rolled to the surgery room.

The surgery room was ice cold, really freezing! I don’t know how many anymore, but a lot of people introduced themselves to me. Then one of them put the drip in and that hurt as hell! I hate needles and I was already a bit scared for the drip, because I could see it. That didn’t make it any better, haha. Okay I will go on, they gave me a short narcosis and I felt it running to my veins. A pretty weird feeling and right away they gave me the epidural. And I had to turn my body and lay on my belly of course. A really strange thing to do when your legs don’t do exactly what you want them to do! Then they started the procedure. I was not gone the whole time. I heard them talking and saying things, but at the same time I didn’t really hear it, if you know what I mean. But at the end told me that they closed the wound, because it was so clean. I couldn’t be happier!


Black & Grey


I was rolled back to a room where I could rest a little bit. And I needed to move my knees up and down, before I could go back to my room. ‘Cause then they know if the effect of the epidural is sinking. The feeling starts in your knees and spreads out from there to your toes and your butt. That happened really quickly, so after 30 min I was rolled back to my room. And there I had to wait a couple of hours till I could feel my whole legs and had gone to the bathroom. Then they know for sure the effect is (almost) gone. It took a while for my body to get the feeling back, so I had to wait long to get home. But finally my mom picked me up and I could get home and eat a little bit.

Sleeping in my own bed was the best thing ever. I was scared to lay down, because I know most of the time I sleep on my back. But the first night went pretty good. Next day I made my own breakfast and I shouldn’t have done that haha. Afterwards I was tired as hell and dizzy, but oh well. My mom came for me to help me for the rest of the day. But because of the closed wound it was so much easier, didn’t need to clean after every toilet visit.

But because of the closed wound I couldn’t shower for 48 hours and my whole back was pink from the disinfection crème. So yeah, I looked real pretty haha. Oh well, I couldn’t get out of the house anyway. I was pretty scared I made a wrong move or bumped into anything. So I was really cautious with everything and my BF had to help me with getting dressed, because I was too scared to bend over haha. Sunday I showered for the first time and I was so scared, I never had stitches before. And I don’t know what it is, but I think they’re a bit creepy haha. But it all went okay and I went to bed again! Such an exciting life!

This is of course only the first weekend after surgery and it’s already a month later. A lot more happened and some pretty scary stuff as well. But I think it’s way too long for one post to read. So stay tuned and in a couple of days I will post the rest of the story. And you want to read it!! I never knew that it could happen, what happened to me.



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