Life update after surgery 2; Bloodpatch.

Finally the second part of my recovery story, but it’s not gonna be pretty. So be prepared! Didn’t read the first one, here it is!

On Monday I was feeling sick, the whole weekend I wasn’t feeling really good. I was nauseous, dizzy and a really bad headache. I thought it was still the aftermath of the surgery, but I doubted it a bit so I Googled it. And some websites said it’s possible the puncture of the epidural doesn’t close on it’s own and you can feel like that. So my mum said; call the hospital, you can never be too sure. So I called the hospital and explained how I felt. And they said it can close on its own, but if you don’t feel well. We can check if there’s a spot today. I started crying, because I felt like shit of course. He immediately called the hospital nearest by and called me back to say I could come within 1 ½ hours and I wasn’t supposed to eat anymore.

Luckily my mom was at my house and said she would come with me. So she got her car and we drove to the hospital, but then it al went wrong. I had to walk from the car to the hospital; it was only a minute walk or so. But it was 30 degrees Celsius, I only had a smoothie bowl for breakfast and I was feeling light-headed. I was really scared, my body started to tingle again and my legs were like soup. It felt like I was going to fell down, when I came out of the elevator and walked in the hospital I broke down. I was crying, both of my arms were tingling to my elbows and it started tingling around my mouth. I was scared as hell, my mom caught me and I was hanging on to her. Somebody got a wheelchair luckily and they rolled me to the room where I was supposed to be.

They helped me out of the wheelchair and laid me down in bed. Immediately they checked my blood pressure, the oxygen in my blood and my heart rate. Everything was normal and healthy, my heart rate was a bit high of course, but that was normal. Then they explained what was wrong and what was going to happen. When the puncture of the epidural does not close on its own, brain fluid is dripping out really slowly. So that’s why I was feeling dizzy and light-headed, the pressure of your head is going down. So what they needed to do is close it up and it’s called a ‘bloodpatch’.

Black and Grey

They took me to the room before surgery, ‘cause there it was about to happen. I got a drip again, on the same spot on my hand. AUW! Then I got another drip on my other arm, because they needed that blood to close up the puncture. Then it was time for me to sit on the bed, with my legs over the edge. I needed to hunch a bit with a pillow between my arms. I got a short narcosis as well and I felt it right away, little bit fuzzy haha. I needed to sit really still, because the surgeon put a needle in the puncture of the epidural. He had to walk around to get the blood out of my arm and walk back and put it in the needle still in my back. The blood had to go out of the body, straight into the body. So it was a really precise procedure. After I needed to lie on my back for 2 hours so the blood could get solid and close the wound.

After the two hours I needed to get back up slowly. First sit down to see if the dizziness was gone. I was sitting for about an hour and I needed to eat, drink and take my aspirins. But I was scared to drink the water, don’t ask me why. I was feeling so weird. I only had breakfast and it was already 7 pm, it was hot and I hadn’t drunk enough water. But I wasn’t feeling like drinking at all! Eventually I took some water, ate some cookies and even walked to the bathroom. So slowly I was feeling better. Now we only had to wait till the doctor said I could go home and we waited till 9 pm. And finally someone told me I could go home!

At home it was straight to bed; I was so tired. The next morning I felt like shit; still a really bad headache, dizzy and nauseous, but in another way than before. So I thought I will wait and see. On Friday I still felt like shit, so I called the doctor again. And she said it probably is an ear infection. ‘Cause the pain came from my left ear, it couldn’t be the same as before. After the weekend I still felt like shit, but I thought I needed to sit this through. So I stayed in bed and did absolutely nothing. On Thursday I had an appointment in the hospital, to check the wound. The wound was looking good and the stitches could go out. That hurt like hell and not a tickling feeling like they said haha. It felt so much better, no more feeling the stitches when the skin stretched a bit!

After the weekend I made an appointment at my own doctor, ‘cause I still didn’t feel really well. I was still feeling pain in my left ear and had lots of bad headaches. He checked my ears and my nose and came to the conclusion I had a really bad sinus infection. Al my sinuses were infection up to the tubes in my ear, so that’s the reason why I was feeling so dizzy and nauseous. He gave me a nose spray that I could use for up to two months. And said it would probably go away. But unfortunately I still feel a bit under the weather, not like I would like to feel. So it’s gonna be another trip to the doctor and hope he can do a bit more about it.

So yeah not the best experience, but I will be better!

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