Food journal for 1 day

I thought it would be fun to keep track of my food for 1 day. Not counting macros or anything, just the food I’m eating. I don’t track my food like that, but I always have sort of a food plan for the whole week. I try to stick to this, doesn’t always work out. Especially when I’m craving something or I’m really really not in the mood for some kind of food. Than I change it of course, I’m not that strict, but it does really help me to stay on track (a bit). And I don’t have to figure out what to eat every night!

Okay, enough of the talking. I will start with my food journal thingy. I did this on a Friday. It was partially a rest day and partially not haha. Do you still get me? Well I’m having trouble myself, but here it goes; my food journal for 1 day!

My food diary


9.15 Morning

I always start my mornings with a glass of warm water with juice of half a lemon. Don’t know if it ‘really’ works, but my stomach feels better. So I just keep doing it and it is a good thing to start your day with drinking water.

After this I always walk Oreo first, because otherwise we would have a wet situation in the house haha.


10.00 Snack

Snack time. I know, I know I haven’t had breakfast yet. But when I plan to do a workout I don’t like my stomach to be full. So a Eat Natural bar it is.

Workout at home; 20 min of ‘yoga’ stretches for my back, 45 min of body weight and dumbbell exercises, 10 min cool down stretches.



11.45 Breakfast

Now it’s finally time for breakfast/post-workout food! It’s a bowl of Alpro Go On, the best vegan quark if you ask me, with granola and blueberries.

After my breakfast I did some things on the computer; wrote a blog, edited some pictures and just some mindless surfing on the Internet. (Whoops)


14.00 Lunch

Time for lunch; I made a simple salad of zucchetti, edamame beans, cucumber, avocado and some roasted chickpeas. Simple, but delicious. Here you can find the recipe! And a big mug of chamomile tea in my favorite Blond Amsterdam mug.

Today is gonna be a Netflix and chill kinda day, so I place myself on the couch with Oreo and put on the tv. At the moment I love to watch Shadowhunters and The 100.



16.30 Snack

I’m getting a bit hungry so I grab myself a little bowl of carrots and 1 piece of my homemade black bean brownie. De-li-cious!

Now it’s time to walk Oreo again and I walk a big round with him. When I get home, it’s time to cook dinner. I try to have dinner ready when the BF comes home, but sometimes my planning is not the best! Haha. Especially when I’m just chilling on the couch and I need to get off.



18.30 Dinner

Luckily for me it was an easy dinner tonight; Tortilla’s. I always make 2 different, but kinda the same meals haha. Meat, spicy and cheesy for the BF and vegan, veggies and light for me. So I had 2 carrot tortilla’s with hummus, lettuce, roasted bell pepper, tomatoes, black bean/corn/kidney bean mix, roasted chickpeas, nutritional yeast, and a homemade sauce.

Time to chill on the couch with the BF and Oreo. We still needed to watch the Game Of Thrones episode from last Monday, so that’s what we did. After we walked Oreo together this time.



21.30 Snack

Friday night is 9 out of 10 time our chill night and tonight it was movie night; King Arthur. So time to get out the movie snacks and drinks; 1 big bowl of popcorn (to share of course) and Coca-Cola zero cherry (my favorite).



This was my food journal for 1 day, as you can see I just eat whenever I get hungry. And I eat whatever I feel like, when I feel like it. Don’t stare blind on this food journal, everyone is different. So it may not work for you, but I know I always get inspired by food journals. So maybe you will get inspired by mine, I hope so!



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