Review – Eat Natural Bars

Eat Natural Bars Review


A while ago I won a year of free Eat Natural bars. And I got my second box with the bars already, so it was time for me to write this review. I really like these bars; they’re the perfect healthy snack. They can fit easily in your bag/pocket, so it’s no problem to bring them with you. I like to eat one as well as my pre-workout food. Cause it’s not to big or heavy, but you still have eaten something.

I will review the bars separately, on the flavor and texture. And I will put the one I liked the most on top and I will work my way down till the one I liked the least. This is my honest opinion, but yours can be different of course. Luckily, everyone is different and have different taste as well!

(BTW: I couldn’t taste every flavor, ‘cause some of them had milk in them. But my BF was really happy with them!)

So here we go:



Coffee & Chocolate (brown):

OMG this bar is the one I like the most and it’s a bit weird. ‘Cause I don’t like to drink coffee or you can call ME weird haha. But this one is so delicious; the bar is crunchy as well. And I do like that over the chewy ones. I will have to say coffee and chocolate is one of the best combo’s ever!


Protein Packed (blue):

I’m gonna call this a close second one, because this one is crunchy as well. Is not so sweet as the other ones and you can really taste the peanuts in the bar. And of course chocolate, yes chocolate wins my heart haha.


Extra Protein (purple):

This one is a little bit crunchy as well, like the ones before. But what I liked the most about this one; this bar is vegan approved. They sweetened this one with maple syrup instead of honey, so that’s a big plus! And I do love pecans, one of the most delicious nuts ever! Oh, the only thing; this one is a bit sweeter than the rest.


High Omega 3 (brown):

This is the best one of the chewy bars, but what I said before; chocolate wins my heart. You can really taste the chocolate chunks in this one. And you still have a little bit of the crunch of all the peanuts in the bar. This one is not special, but I still like it though.

Eat Natural Bars Review


Dark Chocolate (green, small):

The perfect small snack, I call this one. It’s a little bit smaller than the rest; so less calories, but still filling enough. About the flavor; the chocolate layer is the one flavor you can taste. There are a lot of raisins and currants in it, so this one is sweet and a bit chewy.


Dark Chocolate (red):

A chewy bar as well. This one is pretty sweet, because of all the cranberries in it. I do like the taste though. You can really taste the macadamias and I like that flavor a lot! And they give the bar enough crunch to like it.


Brazil & Sultana (purple):

Not so special this one. Not a particularly flavor and it’s chewy as well. Even though this one has Brazil nuts, peanuts & almonds. There are way more peanuts in it than the other nuts and you can really taste that. So it’s okay to eat, but definitely not my favorite one!


High In Fibre (red):

Yes, this is definitely the one I like the least. But I do have a bit of a thing to explain I guess. It’s because I just really, really don’t like the flavor of ginger. And it overpowers all the other flavors, even the chocolate. I know there are a lot of people that love ginger, so maybe this one is for you guys! But what I said; this is MY opinion. It doesn’t have to be yours!

Eat Natural Bars Review



I’m super happy I won these bars and can’t wait till the next box. Maybe I will receive even more flavors. I could eat the bars everyday and I almost do eat them everyday. They’re just the perfect snack, pre-workout of treat for everyday! And I know I’ve made my BF and family very happy with the rest of the bars haha.



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