SkinFood Sunday – Cucumber

Cucumber Glass

Welcome back to Skin Food Sunday. This week we are talking about Cucumbers. The saying ‘Cool as a cucumber’ is spot on. Cucumbers are known to cool the body; they are made up of 96% water which make them SUPER for the skin.


Cucumber Benefits for the Skin:

  • Cucumbers are full of water so they feed the skin lots of hydration.
  • They have a lot of fiber that helps the digestive system. Healthy digestion = a healthy skin.
  • Cucumbers Help prevent inflammation in the skin and body.
  • They are made up of skin loving ingredients such as; Biotin (skin and hair hero), Vitamin A (normalizes skin cells), Vitamin B (helps retain moisture), Vitamin C (stimulates collagen production), Potassium (prevents dry skin)

Cucumber Eye Mask


Cucumber Eye Mask:

Apply 2 slices of cool cucumbers from the fridge over the eyes for 15-20 mins

  • Hydrates and decreases the puffiness around the eyes.
  • Increases the circulation.
  • Helps Dark circles and tired eyes

Your eyes are going to thank you for this little tip!

Cucumber Roll-Ups


Cucumber Roll Ups

This is really one of my easiest recipes ever. I don’t even know if you can call this a recipe. These cute bites are good for every moment. You can serve this as part of a tapas night or just to make your daily snack more fun to eat.


Serving 5 rolls


  • 1/3 Cucumber
  • 3 small Carrots
  • ¼ Red sweet pepper
  • ¼ Green bell pepper
  • 20 gr Hummus



  1. Make thin slices of the cucumber with a vegetable peeler or cheese slicer.
  2. Cut the carrots and peppers in long strips.
  3. Spread the hummus on top of each strip of cucumber.
  4. Divide the slices veggies over the cucumber strips and roll up.

And you’re done baby!

Cucumber Roll-Ups


For more skin tips head over to or follow on Instagram and Facebook

 For more recipes head over to my Instagram and Facebook



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