Living With IBS; My story Part 1

Where do I need to begin, I’ve been living with it for years now. So really need to think, because before I could eat all the foods. Yes I literally had no allergy or something. It all started a couple of years ago with stomachaches, bad cramps, not feeling well and even heartaches. I was feeling blegh. (Yes that’s a word guys!) So yes, there was something wrong.

Made an appointment with the doctor and explained my discomforts. Of course we started with blood tests, but it was all perfect. Next; poop test! Yes I know it’s called different, but this is the easy name haha. And of course; everything was perfectly normal. Don’t know how it’s possible for me, ‘cause I’m not normal at all. 😛 But okay, I will go on with my story.

I thought, you know what?! Fuck it! I will go look myself. Searching the Internet I found looooots of things what it could be. Sometimes the Internet is NOT your friend. But the thing I saw the most was IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. What? Yes Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Lets just call it IBS from now, it’s easier.


So another appointment at the doctor and I explained what I found on the Internet. And he was like; hmmm maybe you’re right. That could be. So he said come back in a couple of days and I have something for you. I was happy! So I went back and what was there? A freakin’ envelope with ‘information about IBS’. And that was it! And you know what the information is about IBS? It’s different for everyone, there’s not 1 cure/medicine for it! So yeah, I thought; WTF?! This was not something I couldn’t find on the Internet.

But hey, life goes on of course. So I thought, I’m gonna figure it out myself. Yeah I was not thinking straight haha. That’s impossible guys. Oh well, here comes the story. I found some things I definitely couldn’t eat; fried food (yes really!), spicy/hot food, raw onions. Avoiding all these foods I still had cramps like crazy! So back to doctor it was.

And omg he send me to do things, like WTF?! He thought it could be something in my esophagus (throat). I had to go to the hospital to get it looked at. They went with a freaking tube through my nose, to look in my throat. It f*cking hurt as hell and it cost me a lot of money as well. Thank you doctor! And the thing is, I thought why the hell does he want to be looked at my throat?! When I feel it is like my intestines are like snakes and makes sounds like I don’t know what. A few examines further, still nothing. Then I had it and stopped for a while.


Months further between the times I only could eat plain chicken and white bread & rice, because of sickness & stomach flu all the time. I still felt like shit and had cramps all the time. And yet again, back to the doctor.

And I demanded a test. Just something! He sent me to the hospital to get a lactose test. Read this what the F this test is. I was happy; finally he was helping me a bit. So I went to the hospital to take the test and you can guess it right? A few days later I knew I had a severe lactose intolerance, but finally I knew what the heck it was. Because I was eating quark all day, everyday haha. And cheese, omg yes cheese! So here starts my other story as well, living with a lactose intolerance. I will post my story about this later on!


My story is not done yet of course, but it is way to long for only 1 post. So the second part of the first time living with IBS will come soon. And of course this will keep going on, so there will be more and more parts coming after. I will be living this all my life, so it will continue!



8 thoughts on “Living With IBS; My story Part 1

  1. Carla Laporte says:

    I can relate 😢. I got really sick in my early 20’s and went through test after test with no results, so my doctor assumed I had IBS. Changed my diet which helped a bit, but not a lot. Tried all kinds of supplements that didn’t help. I just recently started on supplements that have made all the difference! I rarely get flare ups anymore.

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