Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Amuse Bitterbal

Review – Brute Burgers Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Table Setting


Brute Burgers is a joint in Hoofddorp, where they serve, as you can guess by the name, burgers. But they have way more than that, as I must say; the burgers are heaven! Well for what I know, at least the vegan one is. They also serve pancakes and sandwiches for lunch and if you want fries with your burgers; get ready to choose between lots of different ones.

But this time they had a special night: Meatless Monday! They collaborated with the chef of the vega(n) restaurant ByLima in Haarlem to make a 5 course menu. And for me this night came on the perfect date; just 1 day before my birthday. So it was a good excuse to take my boyfriend to dinner for my birthday.

They say it will be a monthly thing, so I hope more of these nights will follow. Because I really liked the evening; we had to dress up a bit, all the tables were set like in a fancy restaurant, the food was good and I had the best company of course. I think it’s really good more restaurants are playing in on the vegan/vegetarian trend, because you don’t have to eat meat and have a delicious meal. On night a week is a pretty good start, right?

Okay, now I will tell you about the food we got served of course. So here we go:


We started the course with a drink before dinner (aperitif):

Bubbles served in an orange. I looked really cute, but I don’t drink any alcohol. So the boyfriend was lucky and got mine too haha.

Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Prosecco in Orange


The first real food course of the night was a small bite (hors d’oeuvre):

A real Dutch delicacy: the ‘bitterbal’. It’s a small croquette ball, but now it was made of mushrooms and dressed with a mustard/maple syrup sauce. Served in a cocktail glass with some rocket. It was simple, but it was good! And the sauce was delicious.

Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Amuse Bitterbal


Now it was time for the starter:

A Carpaccio made of sundried tomatoes with a homemade hempseed pesto, zucchetti and caramelized walnuts. And omg guys, this was the best dish of the evening! I’ve never eaten something like this before; there was just so much flavor in it. I really liked every bite of this dish.

Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Amuse Bitterbal


After the two first dishes it was time for the in between course:

It was meant to be as a pallet cleanser, so you can go eat you main meal with ‘clean’ taste buds. It was called a plantbased oyster. I really didn’t liked it, sorry. It tasted like just mowed grass for me. So a big no for me

Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Pallet Cleanser Plantbased Oyster


Time for our main course:

A loaded sweet potato with corn, beans and tomato, combined with ‘no meat meatballs’ made from cauliflower and served with mango chutney. All this was dressed with an avocado/chili dressing. It was not bad, but it was nothing special at all. This was a dish I could make at home, what I already did. They used a lot of coriander and that definitely not my kind of herb. For a part of the dish it tasted like soap for me. So not a big no, but definitely not a big yes.

Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Entree Stuffed Sweet Potato


Dessert time! Always on of my favorite, when I can finally eat it:

No cheese raspberry cheesecake. You almost can’t go wrong with this for me, haha. I got a huge slice, drizzled with chocolate sauce and dressed with edible flowers. It looked beautiful and it tasted like that as well. The texture of the cheesecake was smooth and the chocolate sauce really had a rich flavor. So yes, this was a good end of the five-course meal.

Meatless Monday Brute Burgers Dessert Cheesecake


I would definitely recommend going to a Meatless Monday at Brute Burgers. It really is an experience you want to have. The food is good; the people are super friendly and it just has a really cozy ambiance. So make sure to put the date in your agenda for the next Meatless Monday!




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