• Anouk •

• Hoofddorp – Netherlands •

• quirky  – awkward – clumsy – artsy – talks a lot •

•  food lover – fashion junkie – tattoo addict •

•  photographer – stylist – sneaker freak – book nerd •



Okay, here we go. You already know some facts, but it will just start ‘talking’. My name is Anouk (dúh) and i’m 26 years. Yep already on my way to my thirties. But anyways I’m living in Hoofddorp. Together with my boyfriend & our cutie pie Oreo. A black & white French bulldog, perfect name right?!

Okay, that’s a bit about my personal life. But now about The love of! It all started when I wanted to be more creative again & so I began my Instagram blog. I always loved food and taking pictures, combined it makes the perfect combination for a food blog, right?! And the name? Well I love looooots of things, not only (healthy) food. So you can finish it with anything you like love!

You will see a lot of delicious ( if I say so myself) recipes for every time of the day, but also some personal stories. And especially tips & tricks how to live with IBS and a lactose intolerance. Because that’s something I have to live with and I hope I can help and inspire people how to handle this.

And that’s about it I guess. Well for now. If you want to know a bit about my story, go to blog > personal and then you will get to know a bit more about me.