Healthy Vegan Christmas Pancakes with Raspberries, Quark and Mint

Vegan Christmas Pancakes

I was thinking about what recipes I could make for Christmas. And then my mom came with a beetroot pancake mix from Bio Today. So my instant reaction was: now I know exactly what to make for Christmas. It would be fun to make a big stack of red pancakes and some green added to it!

Pepernoten Pancake Stack with Quark, Peanut Butter Drizzle and Banana Slices

Pepernoten Pancake

Yes it’s almost 5 December and in Holland it means we have a holiday. It’s called ‘Sinterklaas’. Were you can eat as much ‘pepernoten’ as you can/want. No just kidding, but for me a holiday always means food. There’s always some food related to that specific holiday, so more reasons for me to make something with it.

Breakfast Quesadillas

I had some leftover tortillas and thought why not eat them for breakfast? You can eat breakfast for dinner, so why not the other way around? But I wanted to change the filling of the quesadillas, ‘cause I wasn’t looking forward to roasting veggies in the morning haha.

Carrot Coconut Waffles (GF + VG)

My first plan was to make carrot cake pancakes, but they didn’t worked out as I had planned haha. Yes not everything goes right in my kitchen, more than you would think. Clumsy one over here, but I’m creative as well. And I’m def not a fan of throwing things out, so time for a change of plans!