Sweet Potato Pancakes (GF + VG)

Well, this recipe did not go as planned haha. The plan was to make waffles out of this recipe, but that didn’t work so well. The waffles got stuck in the waffle iron, but I don’t want to throw out food. Especially when it tastes good and yep even though the waffles were not waffles. The taste was pretty awesome.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl (GF + VG)

There she is again with her sweet potato for breakfast. Sorry you guys, I can’t get enough of it! It’s so yum; I just really like sweet potatoes haha. But this time I made it a bit different, still as easy as my other sweet potato recipe. You know me!

Fluffy Quark Pancakes (VG)

No, you never ever ever have enough pancake recipes haha. So here’s another one, but this time with a different ingredient. I know, the title already says. But it’s something new right, vegan quark. I LOVE it! Same texture as ‘normal’ quark, oh I’ve missed it!