Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups

And once again a pumpkin recipe, but this time combined with peanut butter. That’s a heavenly combination. I love both of the flavors, so I thought why not combine them? And I think it’s on of my best moves ever haha. It combines so well, you will love it too.

SkinFood Sunday - Green Tea

SkinFood Sunday – Green Tea

Welcome back to Skin Food Sunday! This week we are talking all things Green tea. It is my absolute favorite; I drink it almost every day. It has huge healing benefits for the body such as helping with digestion and inflammation. When it comes to skin health, green tea has been found to delay the signs of ageing and protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Read on for more green tea skin benefits.

Pumpkin Pepernoten Bread Sliced Top

Pumpkin ‘Pepernoot’ Bread (GF + VG)

Yes here is another pumpkin recipe. And there will be a lot more coming. If it’s the season, I will at least eat 1 pumpkin a week. Yup, I’m a addict. But this time I combined it a bit with the thought of December coming our way. Well something that is pretty a Dutch thing for this month: pepernoten! If you don’t know what they are; they’re little ginger spice cookies we eat to celebrate Sinterklaas. Look it up haha.