Healthy Vegan Christmas Pancakes with Raspberries, Quark and Mint

Vegan Christmas Pancakes

I was thinking about what recipes I could make for Christmas. And then my mom came with a beetroot pancake mix from Bio Today. So my instant reaction was: now I know exactly what to make for Christmas. It would be fun to make a big stack of red pancakes and some green added to it!

Pepernoten Pancake Stack with Quark, Peanut Butter Drizzle and Banana Slices

Pepernoten Pancake

Yes it’s almost 5 December and in Holland it means we have a holiday. It’s called ‘Sinterklaas’. Were you can eat as much ‘pepernoten’ as you can/want. No just kidding, but for me a holiday always means food. There’s always some food related to that specific holiday, so more reasons for me to make something with it.

Carrot Coconut Waffles (GF + VG)

My first plan was to make carrot cake pancakes, but they didn’t worked out as I had planned haha. Yes not everything goes right in my kitchen, more than you would think. Clumsy one over here, but I’m creative as well. And I’m def not a fan of throwing things out, so time for a change of plans!

Sweet Potato Pancakes (GF + VG)

Well, this recipe did not go as planned haha. The plan was to make waffles out of this recipe, but that didn’t work so well. The waffles got stuck in the waffle iron, but I don’t want to throw out food. Especially when it tastes good and yep even though the waffles were not waffles. The taste was pretty awesome.

Fluffy Quark Pancakes (VG)

No, you never ever ever have enough pancake recipes haha. So here’s another one, but this time with a different ingredient. I know, the title already says. But it’s something new right, vegan quark. I LOVE it! Same texture as ‘normal’ quark, oh I’ve missed it!